Heat Pump System

Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Let’s start with an introduction to what a heat pump system is.

There are several types of heat pumps but, for simplicity reasons we will talk about only of the one you care the most, the one you can install in your house.

The type of heat pump systems used on residential and light commercial applications is called -air source heat pump. Throughout the time, heat pump systems have become more and more efficient, even more than a gas furnace systems.

This is possible because a heat pump system moves heat, rather than converting it, like a gas furnace do.

Residential heat pump systems comes on three different types.

Split-Ducted Heat Pump System

This type of system is composed of four main parts and is by far the most common in residential applications. We offer you a brief description of these four parts

Condenser. There are 2 parts that are the main difference between a heat pump condenser and a straight cooling condenser, and these are:

  • Reversing Valve – This part is responsible for controlling the flow of the refrigerant. In other words when is flowing in one direction your system will be on cooling mode, and when it goes the opposite direction will be on heating mode.
  • Acomulator – This part is used to prevent liquid refrigerant flood-back to the compressor

Air Handler. As the name mentioned, this part controls the airflow that pushes through the ducting system. This part comes with the evaporator coil all in one piece.

Ducting System. The most common material for a ducting system is duct-flex, which is insulated and flexible. There are two grades of insulation used in any ductwork in residential applications, R6 and R8, and this will indicate the thickness of the insulation, which also indicates the efficiency rating. Designing your ducting system correctly is extremely important, because it will affect the air balance throughout the building. Here in Quantum Air Conditioning we can help you design and install your air conditioning system. Give us a call and schedule your free in-home estimate.

Thermostat. This is the most common part in any system and is essential to control the room temperature. New thermostats are very efficient, and offer several futures that can provides you with reports of energy usage, time for maintenance, and control the a/c system from your cell phone, among many others.

Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump System

The popularity of this type of system has been growing in the last few years. Its compact design, high efficiency performance, super quiet air handler, heating & cooling options, and zone control ability, have made the ductless mini split heat pump a very popular option.