Wall Heater Repair

Did the Gas Company tagged your wall heater?

Wall heater installation

Winters without a heater can be brutal, especially if you have babies or elders in the house.

In many cases, these type of heaters gets tagged by the gas company because they are considered a health hazard.

Some of the most common reasons why these heaters get tagged are because there is a gas leak, a faulty gas valve, bad wiring or simply because the heater is too old. We at Quantum Heating and Air conditioning, we have certified technicians that can tackle any heater repair.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are ready to repair any heater regardless of how old it is, the brand, or even the location of the heater.

Many times we find heaters that are underneath the house, in places where many companies are not willing to go and do the heater repair.

Quantum Heating and Air Conditioning will never leave you behind and suffering from a broken heater. We will crawl down there, repair your heater and come back with a friendly smile.

We are proud to know that we can serve you and bring comfort to your home and family. We hope you give us the opportunity to work with you and start building a relationship with a friendly business.

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