Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Call to schedule your free consultation.

Call to schedule your free consultation.

Do you rather send us an email?  Please do so. 

Do you rather send us an email?  Please do so. 

Our clients reviews

Quantum has provided HVAC SALES AND SUPPORT to my Company for over 10 years. Quantum’s extremely competitive price, knowledge/experience, and high level of support have consistently been excellent. I would recommend Quantum to anyone needing someone very friendly and honest as this Company has proven.
Jack Quinn
Expert Assembly Services, Inc.
Quantum has always been great with taking care of problems with our A/C, he is affordable and does excellent work. Anytime I have any issues with A/C I know to contact Quantum A/C for quality work and overall good customer service
Victor Gonzo
Orange County
Great job, I won't call anyone else. Quantum Air Conditioning does the job right and I will be calling them again. Fair Pricing
Paul Pulley
Corona, CA

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Service

Having an HVAC company you can trust is necessary to keep your clients, staff, and yourself comfortable.

Here in Quantum Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we strive to be that company for you. Our goal is to provide you honest, responsible service every time we visit your business.

When it comes to installing commercial air conditioning systems, we have the experience and dedication to meet and exceed your expectations.

We also have repeated maintenance programs for heating and cooling systems of any brand or size.

Repeated air conditioning maintenance is absolutely necessary for any business to avoid costly ac repairs in the future. We have maintenance agreements for quarterly service on your commercial air conditioning and heating systems.

Commercial HVAC Installation.

We wanted to clarify the difference between HVAC installation and air conditioning installation since we got several questions about it on our social media pages.

Basically, both words mean the same. HVAC is an acronym for “Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning”, but “HVAC installation” is a term use more in the professional-construction area, while air conditioning installation is more common among people that are not so much related to the construction industry.

So if you want to sound more construction savvy, you can say something like –I’m looking for an HVAC installer.

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