2 Easy repairs you can do before you think about call your local HVAC contractor.

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Well, let’s start by saying that it normally happens when you least expected and when is the hottest day but, what can you do to diagnose your system before you call your local contractor or technician?  

Within the air conditioning industry, there are 3 levels of repairs. The first level is the easiest of all, it requires no experience and some basic tools (Like a screwdriver).

The second level it does requires some experience, power tools, and sometimes specialized tools.

Sometimes what it seems to be an easy repair it turns to a nightmare. If you have the minimum doubt about what you’re doing, don’t take any chances, please stop and call your local HVAC company.

The third level is the hardest of all, it does require knowledge in HVAC, power and specialized tools and experience with the air conditioning systems and brands in hand. At this level, we highly recommend you to call your local HVAC contractor or technician. 

Here at Quantum Air Conditioning, we have certified technicians that can help you with any air conditioning repair for commercial and residential systems.

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Easy repairs – level 1

Air Filters

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A/C Air Filter

Probably the easiest repair you can do is to replace your air filter. In most cases, all you need is a screwdriver.

The air filter is by far the most neglected part of an air conditioning system, and that can have a huge impact in the system efficiency, system airflow, and in severe cases can even ice up the evaporator coil. 

If this is a repair you feel like doing, you can find the size of the filter on the side of the air filter and you can easily get it from any supply store.

Depending on how often you use the air conditioner, you will have to replace the air filter. If you happen to use it every day, we recommend to replace it once every other month.

A/C Electrical breaker

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The second easiest repair is to check the breaker at the breaker panel.

If your air conditioning is not working at all, chances are that there is no power coming into the system, so before you think about calling your local contractor, first check the breaker panel, localize the breaker that belongs to the A/C and reset it.

You will be surprised how many times we show up to repair an air conditioning system, and all we have to do is to reset the electrical breaker, because believe it or not, this is a very common issue.

Now, if your system keeps popping the electrical breaker, then we highly recommend calling your local contractor, because often times is due to an electrical short, or a bad compressor.

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